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I have a gorgeous new online shopping destination to introduce you to today – Jolie. Jolie is French and means pretty, charming, nice and other words describing beauty and is the perfect word for this beautiful website, packed with stunning green beauty finds. Jolie are a company based in Helsinki, but luckily for all of us in the UK they have just launched their new website so that we can indulge in the beauty brands that they stock.

Jolie is inspired by Parisian chic and the beautiful aesthetics of the site and thoughtful selection of luxury brands reflect that. Founded in 2012 by four friends, Jolie provides a selection of pure  and effective natural cosmetics all in one place. The selection of brands on the site are hand picked to provide the best in terms of quality, ingredients and aesthetics, with a focus on modern natural beauty innovations.

When you receive a parcel from Jolie it comes beautifully packaged to reflect the quality of the products it contains. It feels like a real treat, which I love because I think beauty should be about treating yourself everyday. The selection on the site is outstanding; featuring many brands that I have tried, tested and loved such as Isla Apothecary, Evolve, Pai or RMS beauty. Excitingly though, it also includes brands that up until now haven’t been quite so easy to get hold here in the UK such as Siam Seas, Captain Blankenship and In Fiore.

Jolie sent me a gorgeous selection of products to try from their range, tailored to my skin type. I have been so impressed with the products they chose, they clearly have in depth knowledge of the brands they stock and were able to tailor their recommendations for my sensitive, dryness prone skin perfectly. Here is what I am currently testing:

In Fiore Calme complexe calming Face oil concentrate – I have redness prone skin that can sometimes be a bit temperamental. The calming complexe is a luxe, light oil that calms beautifully hydrates the skin. I was surprised by just how silky and light the texture is, a real joy to use. The scent is as wonderfully soothing too, a delightful blend of blue chamomile, rose and ylang ylang. In Fiore is a really interesting brand that I can’t wait to tell more about.

Siam Seas Elements Beauty balm – I don’t think I have ever received a more beautifully scented and delightfully packaged product in all my time writing about natural beauty. The Siam Seas beauty balm is light and melts beautifully in to the skin. It has the most beautiful ingredients list with a host of rare botanical butters and extracts such as Kokum butter, Mowrah butter and immortelle. A really gorgeous beauty balm.

Kjaer Weis pressed powder translucent – I am a long term fan of luxury make up line Kjaer Weis. Founded by Kirsten Kjaer Weis, the line has a gorgeous selection of colours in eco-friendly refillable but also luxury packaging. I once said that every time I receive one of the red Kjaer Weis boxes it feels like receiving a piece of jewellery and I still feel my heart flutter when I open a new product from the line, it is unapologetically beautiful in every detail. The new powder comes in the signature refillable compacts, refills are available for all Kjaer Weis products without any plastic, so fantastic for anyone who is environmentally conscious. This powder is very light and finely milled and looks really seamless on the skin.

Patyka Scared Lotus Face cream – This beautiful silky lotion feels really soothing and hydrating on the skin without feeling heavy. It is alcohol and essential oil free and has almond oils and shea butter to nourish dry skin. This cream layered beautifully with the other products, providing a really nice level of moisture.

You can expect updates on how I get on with these products in the future. I am so impressed with the selection offered at Jolie, it is a beautiful site. You can find all the brands mentioned on the Jolie Website.

Happy shopping!

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.