Weleda leading the way in clean beauty since 1921


When it comes to trusted names in natural beauty, Weleda has been leading the way for almost one hundred years; providing clean, green, ethical and effective formulas for all the family. Clean and green beauty is having its moment in the spotlight, but with so many brands jumping on the natural beauty bandwagon it is more important than ever to look at the true nature of the clean beauty movement and what it means.

A few weeks ago I attended a beautiful press breakfast with Weleda where they unveiled their Clean beauty campaign. We all know many terms like green, natural or clean are open to individual interpretation, so what exactly does clean beauty mean to Weleda?

“For Weleda clean beauty is about taking a complete holistic approach to your personal care routine, minimising the impact on the world around us and strengthening mind, body and spirit. Clean beauty runs through everything we do and always has” Jayn Sterland MD Weleda

Weleda are encouraging us to wake up naturally and switch some of our everyday products, to gentler, natural alternatives. What we put on our skin everyday matters; cutting back on unnecessary products, choosing well formulated natural products and using sustainable ingredients are all important steps to a healthy lifestyle.

With so many of us suffering from skin conditions, limiting our exposure to harsh foaming agents can be incredibly helpful. Weleda have a selection of gentle, plant based body washes which are perfect for the whole family. These are my all time favourite body washes because they are very moisturising and come in a lovely variety of scents. The whole family uses them and we have been firm fans of the new children’s body washes since they launched too.


An important topic when it comes to the clean beauty movement is using brands that avoid ingredients that have a negative environmental impact, such as microplastics. Weleda have been pioneers in highlighting the problems with microplastics for the environment and they take great care to ensure all the ingredients they use, are grown in a way that supports the environment and biodiversity.

I thought it would be nice to show you some of our Weleda favourites that we like to wake up to as a family. Weleda is a brand I have been using for the best part of ten years and is a real staple in our home. Fantastic formulas, ingredient quality and a focus on sustainability really mark the difference.

Weleda has been without a doubt the brand I have used the most for both of my children, I am a firm believer that children only need a small selection of high quality products, so we tend to choose the same ones over and over again. The Calendula nappy change cream is simply the best nappy cream for babies in my experience, an added bonus for us is that it is safe to use with cloth nappies, which a lot of other products are not. The nappy change cream comes in the classic Weleda metallic tube, which helps to preserve the product, but is also fantastic if you are cutting back on packaging waste. The cream is thick and soothing, it calms redness and acts as a barrier thanks to the zinc oxide in the formulation. It is just a wonderful everyday essential infused with calendula to soothe. Unlike a lot of other nappy creams this one actually absorbs nicely in to the skin, whilst still creating a barrier making it easy to use. The Children’s body washes are one of our go to bath time products, they come in three scents; Vanilla, Orange and Lime. They are wonderful used with a shower puff or a Konjac sponge, for a nice creamy lather. They manage to get even the grubbiest of toddlers clean without stripping delicate skin which is wonderful.

I use so many Weleda products, they have been a brand I have looked to for my core staples for the last few years and just love the variety and quality. I use the creamy body washes daily, I tend to rotate the scents with my favourite being the pomegranate as it is a lovely fruity and slightly warm scent. My favourite multi-purpose product is Skinfood, a thick rich cream that can be used in so many different ways. It is the best treatment for rough dry skin and makes an excellent foot cream, hand cream and moisturising face mask. Another daily staple for me are the Weleda perfumes. Synthetic fragrance can me made up of a host of different undisclosed chemicals and for me it triggers migraines, making me feel really unwell. Switching to natural perfume, made from essential oils has dramatically reduced the amount of migraines I get and really improved my quality of life.

Learn more about Weleda in my Interview with Jayn Sterland the Managing Director of Weleda UK. I have written also about the Weleda certification standard NATRUE here which explains more about their standards and values.

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You can find Weleda products at stockists worldwide or shop the range here. What are your Weleda favourites?

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.