New in – Jane Scrivner Nourishing cleanser review, a simple yet luxurious cleanse

Jane Scrivner Nourishing cleanserThe Jane Scrivner range and the Nourishing cleanser in particular have been on my “to try” list now for a long time. Firstly because Jane is based just down the road from me in the next county and I love to discover British brands, the more local the better and secondly because of so many rave reviews all over my feed of her products as well as many industry awards.

Jane is a skincare professional with over twenty four years of experience in the industry, this is something I increasingly look for in many of the formulations I use; direct experience of working with different skin types and problems is invaluable when formulating and I believe this experience shows in the results.

The Jane Scrivner range is fairly extensive, covering skincare and body care. I had a hard time choosing which product to start with, in truth I feel like I should have tried this range a long time ago and I have in fact nearly purchased something several times, but I decided that the cleanser was the best choice.

Nourishing Cleanser* (£46 for 100 ml) – Is what I would class as a traditional non-emulsifying cleansing balm. It has a surprisingly simple ingredients list, in fact this is one of the reasons I think I had left trying it for so long, every time I looked at what it contained, I kept asking myself can it really be that good? With a base of 85% organic jojoba, a wax that has a very similar composition to skins natural sebum, beeswax and a blend of nine essential oils, this golden balm has a formula that feels like much than the sum of it’s parts. Although solid in the pot, it melts easily in to a beautiful oil in the palm of your hands, I think this is because of the choice of oils but also because Jane seems to have the oil to wax ratio just right. I have given up on several cleansers recently because the texture is very hard and grainy and you have to work really hard to melt the formula, in a crowded marketplace these details in my opinion really do matter.

The essential oil blend is a very pleasant spa like scent, including Ylang Ylang, Elemi, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Myrrh and sweet orange. I tend to find the lemongrass is the most noticeable note, with the depth of the eucalyptus not far behind. For anyone with fragrance sensitivities and for the skins in need of the most gentle treatment, this cleanser also comes without essential oils and is called the CORE cleanser*. Personally I was pleased I chose the scented version, as although my skin is sensitive and reactive, the oils in this formula do not feel overpowering and add to making my cleanse a luxurious experience.

The Jane Scrivner Nourishing cleanser comes in a large jar and you get 100 ml of product, which is twice the usual amount for a cleansing balm, meaning it is actually a very economical cleanser for the quality of the formulation. Although the packaging is plastic (I have documented some of my efforts to cut back on our plastic a few times now – including this post our journey to zero waste so far), because you get a good quantity of product which lasts and I love the product inside I wouldn’t let the packaging put me off repurchasing. The cleanser also comes with a soft fluffy cotton mitt, perfect for enabling you to remove the product gently and effectively. The mitt is a definite improvement on the scratchy muslin cloths so many brands are so fond of using. It also comes with a little plastic scoop, great for hygiene, although I would like it if you could purchase without the scoop and mitt, as potentially if you keep repurchasing this cleanser you are going to end up with quite a few of these.

I scoop a small amount of the balm in to my hands and apply to dry skin, massaging well. Jane has a video explaining how to cleanse your skin properly with her product and her own skincare routine which I found really useful and I have linked for you to see. The only thing I do differently is that I use a separate non oil based eye make up remover, as advised by my optician, but most people can use balms over the eyes without any problems.

The Jane Scrivner Nourishing cleanser melts off make up, sun cream, dirt and pollution with ease. The thick oil texture makes it perfect for really massaging the skin and getting the blood flowing. When it comes to removal, the formulas strength, is that is doesn’t feel overly waxy, making it easier to remove than some of the other cleansers I have tried in this category such as the Organic Pharmacy carrot butter cleanser or the Ermana cleanser. I even prefer it to the Emma Hardie cleansing balm which so many people rave about, even though Emma Hardie does rinse fairly easily I still prefer the texture of the Jane Scrivner.

Overall the Jane Scrivner nourishing cleanser is a gorgeous start to any skincare routine. I think it will appeal to people who like a more minimal routine as well as to those who are skincare aficionados. It leaves the skin feeling clean but not “stripped” and this is a testament to the overall skin philosophy that Jane has based on her years of experience. If my skin is feeling dull, I love to massage in this cleanser because it leaves skin looker fresher, brighter and softer. If my skin is feeling a little clogged and hormonal I don’t find that this cleanser adds to the problem and in fact the ritual of applying it and removing with the gorgeous fluffy mitt seems to help any blemishes that do surface to heal quicker.

This is definitely a product that exceeded my expectations and I now completely understand why it has so many rave reviews and industry awards, in fact this has been a Beauty Shortlist awards winner multiple times. I know this range has a lot of fans, if you have tried it let me know what your favourites are. You can shop the Jane Scrivner range at Love Lula, who ship internationally.

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