Wellbeing – Creating a Moodboard for inspiration and visualisation

How to create a moodboard

Last year I spent a glorious evening in the Cotswolds with a fantastic group of women; chatting and being creative as part of The Owl and the Apothecary Moodboard workshop. That was my first introduction to creating a moodboard, an activity I would recommend to anyone, it is a wonderful way of getting creative and helping you visualise changes you would like to make in your life. You don’t need to attend a workshop to be able to create a moodboard, although I highly recommend it if you have one close to you, I think there is something lovely about doing this in a group setting, but it could be something you do alone or with some close friends. Since then I have been going back to my original moodboard to update it and I am looking forward to creating a new one very soon.

A moodboard is a collection of pictures, quotes, colours or textures. You can use anything that inspires you, as you can see mine is a real mixture of things, including ribbons and quotes. Moodboarding can be used for all sorts of projects and tailored to what you would like to achieve. Mine is just a general inspiration moodboard; but it is also a great way to collate ideas for all sorts of things, from redecorating your home to creating your own business branding.

Moodboard categories

During our workshop we were recommended to choose three to four areas of our life we wanted to feature on the moodboard, you can do as many as you choose, but I found four a good number. Then the fun starts, looking through magazines, leaflets, catalogues and looking for pictures, quotes or anything that inspires and resonates with you. As you can see mine is heavily Botanical in its theme, not surprising really.

Interestingly, as the process evolves it often gives clarity to thoughts and intentions that you hadn’t really acknowledged before. For example my moodboard was quite heavily skewed towards work; at the time I had been freelancing for some time, still had a small child at home, but knew that although I was on the right path I wanted to create further changes. I have since then achieved those goals, by diversifying the kinds of projects I am involved in and further working on this blog to push it towards what I want it to be. I am also studying and gaining further qualifications in related subjects, like the Diploma in Organic Skincare formulation with Formula Botanica and I am currently exploring other courses to start in the next year, to really take things up a notch. It is amazing what a few hours spent allowing yourself to dream can do.

Moodboard quotes

Creating a moodboard is a wonderful way of exploring ideas, setting intentions and getting creative, most importantly it can be done anywhere and with just a few essentials such as a corkboard. The workshop I attended was run by Katy, the founder of The Owl and the Apothecary and was fantastic, she made the workshop fun, thought provoking and inspiring. If you are in the UK you can find all the details of Katie’s workshops, ritual kits and other inspiration over at The Owl and The Apothecary.

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.