Zero waste – Hitting our “waste less” target and the milk delivery success

I thought it was about time I did another zero waste update and I am really delighted that this month we have hit our “waste less” target. I mentioned in our Zero waste journey that our goal as family was cut down our waste to no more than one black bin bag per fortnight, two per month and we have achieved that this month, which is great. We have also cut down dramatically on how much recycling we produce, which is also a bonus as I am aware that councils in the UK have really poor recycling records, unlike other places in Europe like Germany.

The hit of the month has been getting our milk and juice delivered. This is saving us lot’s and lot’s of plastic bottles from the recycling and I must admit I rather like opening the door to find it sat on the doorstep! Not only do they do dairy milk, but they also deliver juice and nut milks, so the whole family is covered. We rinse out the glass bottles and leave them in a bottle caddy on the doorstep so they can be reused. As the demand increases these schemes are popping up across the country, so worth checking to see if you have one near you.

I have been busy decluttering this month too. We are getting very close to potty training and I plan on starting that in the summer holidays, so I have been thinning down the cloth nappy stash and selling some on. Although the upfront cost of reusables can initially be more than disposables, I have made quite a good amount of money back on what I have sold so far, clearing space in the house which helps to keep us more organised. I love that although we won’t need them for much longer our cloth stash will be used and enjoyed by someone else!

The other target I set in the last update was wanting to try and make more snacks for the kids. This has been going really well and I have been experimenting with different recipes including some breakfast muffins, which were a hit. There is a wealth of recipes for snack bars and other portable items on the internet, so I will be continuing to experiment and see which ones we prefer.

Overall I am really pleased with how much we have cut down our waste so far, but there is always more to do! Have you set yourself any goals on waste reduction? What have been your challenges so far?

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.