New launch – Bodhi and Birch Superfoods series

Bodhi and Birch Superfood series

The Superfoods series, a highly anticipated launch from British brand Bodhi and Birch has created quite a stir in the beauty world, already featuring in Natural health mag and receiving rave reviews. This delicious range is packed with botanical superfood ingredients to feed your skin. I was lucky to receive a preview of the range before it launched and be part of the testing panel, but I have known about the range for some time as it was a conversation I had with Elijah Choo, the founder of Bodhi and Birch that was one of the catalysts for the formulations.

The Bodhi and Birch Superfoods series features five skincare products; which are mixable, multi-use and free from essential oils, but still beautifully fragrant thanks to the carefully chosen botanical ingredients. I happen to adore essential oils – but there have been times when I have needed options that are essential oil free, for example when I was pregnant or if my skin is feeling particularly sensitised. Up until now, many of the essential oil free options I have tested have felt lacklustre and boring, but Bodhi and Birch have arrived to change all of that.

There are two cleansers in the Superfoods series, each very different, but both work beautifully. Cleansing is the essential first step in any skincare routine and the Superfood series cleansers will bring a touch of luxury to your everyday routine.

Avo Bao Cleansing balm* – Just look at the colour of this beautiful cleansing balm! I love the deep green balm flecked with spirulina. This cleansing balm is light and melts easily in to an oil in your hands, allowing for a beautiful facial massage. It is completely vegan with no added waxes, it also emulsifies to a creamy texture when you add water, meaning you can choose whether you prefer to use a cloth for removal or not. Avo Bao cleansing balm has a really unique blend of botanicals, including avocado oil, baobab oil, hemp oil, plum kernel oil and green coffee seed oil. The coffee oil gives Avo Bao quite a unique earthy scent that I really love, it is a gorgeous balm to use, but what I enjoy the most is how supple and nourished the skin feels after use. You can mix Avo Bao with a few drops of Tomato seed cleansing oil, for a nourishing calming cleanser or with Renshen Root mask for a gentle exfoliating treatment.

Tomato seed cleansing oil

Tomato seed cleansing oil* – Tomato seed cleansing oil is a deep orange oil colour thanks to the inclusion of tomato seed and rosehip oils. Tomato seed oil is full of antioxidants and phytosterols and I found this cleanser to be brilliant at calming and soothing my skin. My skin is redness prone and I have mild rosacea, this works brilliantly on my skin as a lovely treatment cleanser, I like to apply after removing the bulk of my make up, gently massage in to the skin and leave for a few minutes before removing with a dark cloth (due to the beautiful natural colours of the oils, it does stain white flannels and muslins, you have been warned!). Unlike Avo Bao cleansing balm, Tomato seed cleansing oil does not emulsify, so you do need a cloth to remove, but you can mix with Avo Bao as suggested above. For skin that is easily irritated and unhappy, this cleanser is a wonderful antidote, bringing back calm and balance.

Lemon Water Hydrosol Tonic* – Summer skincare in a bottle, that would be how I would describe Lemon Water Hydrosol tonic. Refreshing yet gentle, hydrating and cooling, the perfect summer spritz for hot skin. Each bottle contains a clear quartz crystal which I think is a lovely touch. My favourite way to use Lemon Water Hydrosol is spritzed liberally before applying a facial oil. The blend of hyaluronic acid, pea peptides and fruit enzymes, refreshes and brightens the skin and applying oils to slightly damp skin helps them absorb. I lovely pick me up during the day too.

Super25 Botanical serum* – When I first received this product, it was one that made an immediate impact on my skin and was an instant hit. I have tried many facial oils over the years and whilst many are nice, a lot of the essential oil free options I have tried have been a little boring and lacking the luxury feel of many of the other blends. Super25 bridges that gap in the market seamlessly, it is still wonderfully fragrant, thanks to the carefully chosen ingredients such as organic plum kernel oil, blueberry and cranberry oils, but yet avoids any essential oils. Super25 is moisturising, cocooning and nurturing, like a gentle hug in a bottle. On the skin it calms redness and irritation and brings glow and health back to the complexion. It is a beautiful experience, either by itself or used alongside the other products in the Superfoods Series. The ingredients list of this product brings me deep joy, it contains some of my favourite botanicals, every ingredient is special and has a purpose in the blend, with no cheap fillers.

Renshen Root exfoliant and mask* – The final product and in my opinion the one that brings the whole series together is the Renshen Root exfoliant and mask, a mix of clays, adaptogenic herbs and fruit powders. The Renshen Root mask has a gentle chocolate scent, thanks to the Cacao. The mask comes as a powder and you need to mix it yourself, this is ideal for keeping the ingredients fresh and avoiding harsh preservatives as clays are notoriously difficult to preserve. It also gives you a chance to customise your mask depending on your skins needs and preferences. Renshen root mask mixes well with water, hydrosols such as orange blossom or rose and I have also mixed with Lemon Water Hydrosol. Each ingredient brings a slightly different effect to the mask, I also always add a few drops of the Super25 serum once the mask is mixed as well, for extra nourishment. Perfect for balancing oily skin, tackling hormonal blemishes and brightening and smoothing the skin, Renshen Root mask is a really versatile product that works in harmony with the rest of the range to create a complete skincare routine.

All the products in the Superfoods series are suitable for vegans, never tested on animals and made with gorgeous botanical ingredients. It has been such a privilege for me to see the range blossom from a conversation that helped plant a seed, to a fully fledged luxurious range. Each product works in harmony with the rest of the series, but they also all slot in to any existing routine seamlessly thanks to their versatility. Handmade in the UK, Bodhi and Birch is a wonderful artisan skincare and body care brand that takes you on a fragrant and aromatic journey around the world. For more Bodhi and Birch – See my review of the cult Desert Rose Facial oil here.

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