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Formula Botanica graduates

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If you are a regular reader, you will have heard me regularly mention Formula Botanica, the online cosmetic science school with over 4300 students in 124 countries around the world. I interviewed Lorraine Dallmeier, the Director of Formula Botanica here, which gives you an insight to the courses and support they offer. I am currently studying the Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and I learn so much, not just from the course materials but from the vibrant student community, as a beauty junkie I love seeing students both past and present develop their brands.

The global green beauty market has grown significantly in the past few years, with the consumer appetite for natural formulas increasing around the world, so it is fantastic to see so many strong brands emerging to fulfil the demand. Today I have five successful Formula Botanica graduates to share with you, each with a different approach to natural beauty and I will be sharing an unboxing and first impressions of their products.

Formula Botanica

LILFOX – Is a modern beauty apothecary founded by Alexis Rose in Miami. LILFOX brings together organic plant essential oils, delicate hydrosols, natural oils and butters with other elements from the earth such as crystals. The brand has a relaxed LA vibe in it’s branding and approach. I have tried several LILFOX products when they first arrived in the UK and thought it was a really interesting brand, I wrote about the Jungle Glow mask and Chamomilla infusion make up remover here.

As you would expect from a brand that focuses on the ritual of beauty, LILFOX has a really good selection of masks to choose from in the range. The bamboo charcoal mask is a purifying mask featuring Rhassoul and Dead Sea clays, Bamboo charcoal which gently exfoliates, raw cacao which stimulates blood flow and marshmallow which is soothing. The mask feels lovely and cooling on the skin and it balances any oily patches and blemishes, without stripping the skin. It has become my favourite LILFOX product to date, brilliant for a weekly unhurried facial!

Metta skincare – Metta skincare is a brand I discovered quite a few years back and I loved the philosophy and formulations. Metta skincare has a really lovely capsule collection of products, all made with beautiful natural ingredients and without complicated ingredients lists. Metta is ancient style of meditation that encourages loving kindness to the world and those around you and it is the perfect name for this range, which is gentle effective with its stunning simplicity. I love the beautiful branding of the Metta Skincare products, they look so beautiful on my dressing table.

I love to use a body oil everyday, especially after a shower as I have skin that is prone to marks and scars. The Metta skincare body oil is brilliant for dry skin thanks to the blend of grapeseed, macadamia, jojoba and sweet almond oils, it is also really beautifully relaxing thanks to the fresh lavender scent. A product that is simple but luxurious and a wonderful treat that can be incorporated in to a daily routine.

Okoko Cosmetiques – Okoko is a brand I have been hearing so much about lately, it seems that everyone is falling head over heals for this luxury brand from Canada founded by Oyeta Kokoroko. I have been testing the Sublime balm; a multi purpose product, which can be used as a cleanser, exfoliator, mask and as a nourishing moisturiser.

This small pot boasts an impressive ingredients list and its multi-purpose nature really appeals to me as a busy Mum. I loved the gentle scent of this balm, featuring interesting botanical ingredients such as Kokum seed butter, tomato seed oil which is rich in lycopene and carrot seed oil. When used as a cleanser you simply add a small amount of water to remove and it emulsifies easily, leaving the skin very soft and nourished. A hardworking and luxurious product, the Sublime balm formula certainly lives up to the hype around the brand.

Skin Dewi – Skin Dewi is a new discovery for me and a really interesting brand. Based in Jakarta, the founder Dewi Kauw, approaches her natural skincare formulation in a very scientific way, thanks to her background in chemical engineering. She has gone on not only to study the Advanced Diploma with Formula Botanica, but also with the Tisserand institute and Grasse Institute of perfumery. This serum blends Vitamin C, with Rosehip oil, Kakadu Plum and Licorice to help with pigmentation and red marks and scars.

I have tried several Vitamin C products over the years, but never found one I liked enough to incorporate consistently in to my routine. I have been very impressed with the thoughtful formulation, it has a light lotion texture and is quite easily absorbed in to the skin without feeling tacky. I don’t have any pigmentation marks as such at the moment, but I do have some active acne, which always tends to leave marks behind, so I will update on my progress with this serum as I know pigmentation is something many of you are keen to tackle.

Jalue – Jalue is a brand that has made a real impression on the beauty market in a short space of time with the concept of ice therapy. Jalue incorporates the healing power of herbs in their ice therapy kits, which contain everything you need for ice therapy treatments at home. Azerbaijani entrepreneur Jale Demirchi introduced a modern and simple way of experiencing cryotherapy which apparently it is a Russian tradition that dates back to Catherine the great.

In the Jalue Ice therapy kit you receive four herbal sachets and a reusable ice therapy cone. You can prepare the herbal infusion and freeze, ready to use at any time, either as a daily treatment or as part of a weekly at home facial. Used daily each bag of herbs is designed to last for a week, so you get a months supply. You can then simply purchase the refill herbs to continue to enjoy the treatment. It feels really beautiful to use, especially in the warmer weather. It cools and reduces puffiness, for very sensitive skin it recommends popping a thin cloth between the ice and the skin, but I found simply using it for less time worked well for me. As the herbal infusion melts slightly I pat the liquid in the skin and follow with a serum.

Jalue Ice Therapy

I loved discovering products in the Formula Botanica graduates box, each one has such a different approach, showcasing how varied and exciting the green beauty market has become. Have you tried any of these brands?

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