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It is that time again – I have a huge tub of empties to get through. I started the year a little overwhelmed by the amount of products in my cupboards. To a certain extent I think I will always have more beauty products than most, after all it is my job to test what is on the market, but I have been making a conscious effort to use up some products and cut down my stash.

This empties edit also includes a real mixed bag, some products that are favourites and repurchases and a lot that just were not to my taste. So let’s jump in with body care:

Joik Lemon and Vanilla Body lotion* – I really liked the light fresh scent of this body lotion and have gone through a couple of bottles now. It is reasonably priced and a nice light texture, perfect for spring and summer, but in winter I need something heavier. I wrote my a review of it here.

Isla Apothecary Blood Orange and Vanilla sugar scrub* – I have a real fondness for Isla as a brand and for their scrubs in particular. I would repurchase this in a heartbeat, it is probably my second or third jar, but sadly due to a problem sourcing their sustainable vanilla this product is currently sold out. See my Isla review here.

Isla Apothecary lemongrass and rosemary foot scrub* – Again a product I have repurchased multiple times. This is a really fresh scrub, I liked to use in a foot soak prior to doing an at home pedicure. My only criticism is that I found my tubs of this went bad quite quickly so I had to use them up fast to save the oils from going rancid.

Weleda Kids 2-1 shampoo and body wash lovely lime* – These are my kids favourite body washes and we get through at least one bottle a month. The lime also seems to be the preferred scent, although they all smell incredible! The Weleda body washes use very gentle foaming agents, so are great on delicate skins. I use them with a shower scrunchie or konjac sponge.

Dr Organic Charcoal Shampoo* and Conditioner* – I find Dr Organic products to be a real mixed bag, some I think are great value for money and some just don’t work well for me. These sadly just did not work out, I found them hard to rinse out of my hair and the shampoo is a little too highly scented for me with such a delicate scalp. I will stick with the Rose and Aloe ranges which I do really rate.

John Masters Scalp shampoo* – I received this in a past Love Lula box and I really liked it. It felt cooling and calming on my dry scalp, lathered well and had a nice scent. There was a lot of talk some time ago of John Masters changing their ingredients, however I couldn’t see any change in this product and I would buy again.

Natural Deodorant co Lemon and Geranium Clean deodorant balm* – This was just a little sample pot but I was really impressed with this formula. I actually reviewed the brand when they launched, but I tested the gentle deodorant balm. They offer three different formulas for different needs, the formula applies easily and lasts well, a great alternative to Schmidt’s who are owned by Unilever.

Weleda citrus hand and nail cream – One of my favourite overnight hand treatments, I have been using this for a few years now, see my review here. If you are a fan of Skinfood, then the citrus hand and nail cream has a similar consistency. It is perfect for really dry cracked hands, but I don’t use it during the day because it does take a little longer to absorb than my other favourite the Almond hand cream.

Weleda Arnica muscle soak – Another much loved product in this house. I first became hooked on the Weleda arnica range whilst suffering with terrible hip pain, this soak became a daily ritual as part of my approach of dealing with pain alongside intensive physiotherapy. It helps with aches and is lovely and relaxing.

Weleda wild rose cream bath – If you love roses, I highly recommend this product. I recently learned that Weleda is the largest buyer of roses around the world, so they have established a Fairtrade partnership in Turkey to meet the demand. This isn’t a foamy product, but rather a moisturising bath cream that infuses the water with a lovely fresh rose scent.

Weleda calendula nappy change cream* – Another Weleda product that I simply couldn’t live without. I used this cream on both of my children and apply a small amount at every nappy change to keep redness at bay. Unlike a lot of creams, this is safe to use with reusables (cloth nappies) which is one of the reasons it is my go to product.

Weleda pomegranate creamy body wash* – I have such an emotional connection with the scent of the Pomegranate line from Weleda, it reminds of happy times. It is also one of the first natural ranges I tried, in fact I fell in love with the Pomegranate body oil a few months after beginning to explore natural beauty products and it is a range I have bought often ever since. Just like the children’s body washes, the formula is the gentlest I have found on the market, making it perfect for dry skin, I also use these as my shaving product with my safety razor. I also used a little travel sized sample of the matching body lotion, which is lovely and moisturising, perfect for dry skin.

Gerlinde naturals organic witch hazel deodorant – This snuck in to the skincare picture by accident, but it is a spray deodorant in an aluminium bottle. I carried this around in my bag for top ups on the go and it had a nice fresh scent. Gerlinde is a vegan brand and I have enjoyed the products I have tried, so it is definitely one on my list to explore further.

Weleda Almond soothing facial lotion* – This is a really gentle, really soothing light moisturiser. It is free from essential oils and has only a handful of ingredients, whenever my skin is irritated or unhappy from testing too many products I go back to the Weleda Almond range to reset my skin.

Dr Hauschka Night serum* – This was a little sample that probably came in a beauty box. I do like this brand, especially the classic Rose day cream, but I found this very tacky to apply on its own, so mixed it with a face oil to apply. Not sure I repurchase this one.

Pai Copaiba Deep cleanse mask* – A lovely gentle clay mask, that gently exfoliates the skin. Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin wanting to tackle congestion or breakouts. Pai is a brand that I return to again and again because I think the quality of the formulas is fantastic.

Melvita Nectar de Roses eye gel – Melvita completely disappeared from the UK market a while back now and I was really disappointed about it. You can still order from the French website, but I haven’t replenished any of my Melvita favourites yet. This was a nice product, but not a favourite, I didn’t see a huge amount of different from using it, but it was a lovely light texture and it did hydrate the eye area.

A’Kin Brightening day cream – A’Kin is an other brand I talk about a lot and speak highly of, they recently have had a rebrand and so the packaging has now changed. This cream sadly wasn’t for me, it felt too heavy for daytime use and had a tendency to “roll” when layered as part of a longer routine. Not one I will repurchase, but I think it is discontinued anyway as it is out of stock everywhere.

Bodhi and Birch Super25 Botanical serum* – I was part of the a pre-launch testing panel for the Bodhi and Birch superfood series and this was one of my favourite products. I won’t say too much, because my next review will be an overview of the range but this is really rather special.

Bodhi and Birch Avo Bao cleansing balm* – Another product that is part of the new Superfood series, this is a lovely cleansing balm that emulsifies with water, it has a really unique scent and a lovely mix of ingredients. Look out for my full review coming soon.

Vintner’s Daughter active Botanical serum* – This is my second full bottle of Vintner’s Daughter serum, it is without a doubt a very pricey product and for me it isn’t something use all the time, but it is a gorgeous face oil if you have a higher budget. I am currently updating my review as a lot has changed since I first published it, including the price!

A’Kin Hydrating mist toner* – This was included in my last empties as well, a great budget friendly product, light and refreshing and perfect for misting throughout the day. I will buy again when I have used up some more of my stash.

A’Kin Cleansing Micellar water* – I always hated micellar waters, until I tried this one from A’Kin. It is a brilliant product, it removes make up with ease, but doesn’t irritate my skin, it works well around the eye area and is a great “lazy cleanse” option to keep by your bedside for those nights when you get home late and need to remove your make up quickly. I already have several back ups of this and will always keep it in my beauty cabinet.

AnneMarie Borlind SOS Beauty Shot – You can see my review of AnneMarie Borlind here. This serum was a nice hydrating serum and I liked the fun packaging, but I found it a little too highly scented for a product labelled for sensitive skin, so won’t be repurchasing.

Another very long post, but I know many of you enjoy the format of these empties so will carry on doing them. Do we share any favourites?

Post contains a mix of PR samples and products purchased or repurchased by me. Post contains some affiliate links (these are marked with a *), please see my full disclaimer for details.
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