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Cutting back on unnecessary and single use plastics in our home has been something we have been working on for some time now. For me it isn’t necessarily about zero waste, but being really conscious of the waste we are creating and incorporating reusable options as opposed to single use wherever possible. Food storage is still one of those areas where we can definitely improve, so after researching different options I discovered Bee Bee wraps – Beeswax food wraps.

Bee Bee wraps are a brand of reusable beeswax food wraps founded by Kath Austin. Like so many entrepreneurs Bee Bee wraps started at Kath’s kitchen table, painfully aware that the amount of plastic we use is unacceptable for the planet, a discussion with a friend led to Kath researching and experimenting with cotton and beeswax wraps. After testing a lot of different formulas, Kath finally came up with the formula that is used today for Bee Bee wraps.

Unlike so many other food storage options, beeswax wraps are entirely compostable at the end of their life, returning to the earth without leaving a trace. They are also reusable, meaning less items to buy weekly at the shops or to order online. Adding in key reusable items to our home has definitely helped me simplify my life as I think we forget how much time and effort we spend purchasing single use items.

Bee Bee wraps are conscious of their impact from the growing of the cotton used, through to production. They also ensure they pay all of their staff the living wage. The brand works actively with the Beekeepers who produce their beeswax to help the bee population, which is so important given the struggle they face.

Bee Bee wraps – Three medium beeswax wraps

The Bee Bee wraps come in a variety of sizes for different items, including a large size perfect for covering a large bowl or loaf of bread. I have been testing out three of the medium wraps and they are such a useful item to have in your kitchen. Using the warmth of your hands the wraps create a breathable v seal around bowls or plates, they are also perfect for wrapping sandwiches, small snacks or even storing things like cheese in the fridge. Because the wraps still allow food to breathe, it can help items to last longer. Making them perfect for reducing food waste too.

To clean and reuse your wraps, simply wash them with cool water and some gentle soap and leave them to dry naturally. The wraps should last around twelve months and can be used with lots of different food products, the main thing to avoid with these wraps is heat and meat products for hygiene reasons.

I really love the cute designs and concept behind Bee Bee Wraps, they are a useful and eco-friendly addition to any kitchen. Perfect for lunch boxes, picnics or food storage, if you have been struggling to eliminating plastic food storage like clingfilm from your home, then Bee Bee Wraps would be perfect for you. We found Bee Bee wraps easy to use and wash, they really are a fuss free switch. Although the initial outlay for beeswax wraps is more than you would pay for single use options, when you look at the cost across the year, I think Bee Bee wraps are really reasonable and a worthy investment to reduce plastic. You can find the range here.

Do you use beeswax wraps? What do you think?

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