Tried and tested – Five products to help your skin glow

In the UK we are in the middle of a heatwave, so I don’t think any of us have a lack of glow, quite the opposite in fact! But this lovely weather won’t be around forever, so I have been testing some products to help you keep that summer glow well in to the autumn months. Glowing skin is all about healthy skin and we all know there is no substitute for a regular skincare routine, but these are a few things that can help if you feel your skin doesn’t isn’t looking its best:

Tropic Sun Drops (£22) – Like a lot of people I have been completely scarred by my ventures in to fake tanners in my youth, the smell of biscuits, the streaky finish, the unnatural colour… I could go on. Thankfully formulas have moved on since my teenage years, so whilst I still wouldn’t consider myself a tanning fan, I do indulge in gradual tanners in the summer months and to keep any colour going that bit longer. I could do a whole blog post on self tanners in terms of ingredients, but there aren’t really many that I would consider to be wholly natural or even natural derived on the market. Tropic as a brand, in my opinion is not the most natural on the market and they don’t boast any organic credentials, but they do have some interesting formulations and are entirely vegan. The Tropic Sun drops are a gradual tanner that you add to any moisturiser, the formula is quite thick but blends easily and you can customise the colour depending on how many drops you add. I personally only add two drops per application, for a very natural glow, but if you are looking for a deeper colour then add 4-6. Although this doesn’t smell of biscuits like conventional fake tanners, I can’t say it is a pleasant smell, as it is quite strong, but it does fade quickly once mixed with your moisturiser. Remember to wash your hands well after use to avoid staining.

Nyasa Pure Glow nourishing cleansing balm (£50) – I knew I would love this balm just by looking at the ingredients list. It reminds me a lot of my beloved Oskia Renaissance cleansing gel, it is nourishing but gentle and has a nice brightening effect thanks to the pomegranate enzymes. My skin reacts much better to enzymes than it does to too many acids, so instead of just using this as a cleanser I use it more as a treatment and mask. The texture isn’t that of a traditional heavy cleansing balm and it feels light but still nourishing, perfect for using all year round. It will remove all make up, but in my opinion to use it this way at this price point is a bit of a waste, so I use it as a second step after make up removal and like to leave it for around five minutes to get the full benefit. When you add water it emulsifies in to a lovely milk, so is easy to remove, smells heavenly and is a real pleasure to use. If you are looking for products to help you glow Nyasa is a relatively new brand that have this as their main selling point, so I highly recommend you check them out. All the products are high performance, entirely vegan and use a lot of natural or naturally derived ingredients.

Baie Botanique Regenerating anti-ageing serum (£34) – Although I don’t usually buy in to specifically anti-ageing formulas, when it comes to keeping skin healthy, hydration in my opinion is an essential step. This is what this rose serum from Baie Botanique does so well, like a big drink of water for the skin and so refreshing and hydrating in this heat, the formula contains MSM, plant based hyaluronic acid as well as aloe vera to cool and soothe. A really nice product, which helps skin glow from first use thanks to the hydrating botanical ingredients. This is another brand that uses a lot of botanicals but isn’t wholly naturally based a nice compromise for those after certain actives in a more natural formulation.

Evolve organic beauty Radiant glow mask (£20) – I have finished a couple of tubs of this mask now and it is just a really nice weekly treat that gently brightens and adds glow to the skin. I rate Evolve highly as a brand anyway because the products generally perform very well and are an excellent price point. The mask smells delicious thanks to the organic cacao, and is gently exfoliating thanks to the coconut shell powder. It doesn’t set on the face and is nourishing thanks to the sweet almond oil, but as an added bonus it emulsifies with water so is really simple to remove, saving your nice white face cloths from becoming stained! Skin is softer and looks renewed.

Madara Moonflower tinting fluid* (£27) – Madara is an Ecocert certified brand from Latvia and their products have featured a lot in my routines over the years. The moonflower tinting fluid is a very light coverage product, that adds a gentle glow as well as hydration and added sun protection. As the coverage itself is very light, I tend to use it as a primer, perfect for use under mineral make up and it just adds a subtle brightness to the face, perfect if you feel your skin is looking a little dull. For darker skin tones, there is another shade which is Sunflower*, which is suited to medium and olive skins. The formula is very forgiving, so it isn’t a product that needs an exact colour match and the light formula feels really beautiful on the skin.

There you have some of my recommendations for glowing skin. What products help you glow?

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.