The PO-ZU Star Wars collection – Ethical footwear with a twist

POZU Star Wars collection

The fashion industry is one of the most unsustainable and polluting industries in the world. Tragedies such as the Rana plaza collapse and more recent coverage in the media of some of the large luxury fashion houses practice of burning excess goods, rather than allow them to be sold at a reduced price, have firmly placed all eyes on the issue of sustainability in the industry. I have always been very minimalistic when it comes to fashion and more recently have embraced shopping much more second hand, but although making ethical fashion choices can sometimes feel complicated, it is something I have become increasingly interested in. Luckily there now more options for those of us who want to buy from brands who focus on sustainability, looking after the planet and creating amazing products that don’t compromise on performance.

PO-ZU  is one of those brands, creating innovative footwear from sustainable materials, shunning fast fashion practices whilst also creating amazing collections that wouldn’t look out of place on any high street. If you thought that sustainable materials mean items that were a bit crunchy looking, PO-ZU are here to prove you wrong. Their recent Star Wars collection is an example of brands who put sustainability first, creating something that is also fun and covetable. The managing director of the brand is Safia Minney, author of the book Slave to Fashion and also founder of ethical clothing brand People Tree.

Star Wars POZU collection

PORG Low cut sneakers* by POZU – £59

I had the pleasure of trying out the Porg trainers, if you have watched the latest Star Wars film you will have seen the cute little birds called Porgs nesting on the rocks when Luke is on the island. They offer a bit of light relief in an otherwise quite heavy film. The Porg patterns on the trainers looks really cute and certainly makes them stand out.

The PORG’s are vegan friendly, unisex and the soles are made from fair trade rubber. They have memory foam removable cushioning that is made from coconut husk and latex. There is absolutely nothing about the way these shoes look or feel when they are on, that would make them stand out negatively with other footwear, on the contrary what struck me when I put them on was just how comfy and stylish they were.

I really love what brands like PO-ZU are doing, making goods that stand up to any mainstream brand, but whilst also taking care of the environment and the people involved in the supply chain. Business has a huge potential to be force for good and still be profitable, so next time you go to make a footwear purchase, ethical brand PO-ZU is well worth checking out.

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