Brand to watch – Wild Beauty Apothecary (Lena Wild)

Edit – Since publishing this review Wild Beauty Apothecary has been renamed Lena Wild. The products and ingredients remain the same. All the details of the my experience with the product also remains unchanged.

Everyone needs a “rescue” product in their beauty arsenal, for those times where despite your best intentions you have had a few too many late nights, your diet has been terrible or you have had a few too many drinks, leading to unhappy skin. The Wild Beauty Apothecary Harmony Rescue Mask falls in to this category, an effective mask for skin in need of balancing, especially skin that is blemish prone or hormonal.

Wild Beauty Apothecary (Lena Wild) is a relatively new brand launched by Yelena and Dany. Yelena is the formulator and Dany is a creative designer, together they created a brand that is about making better choices and creating positive change. I had the pleasure of meeting Yelena through Formula Botanica and it was one of the annual conferences (I have attended both as a speaker and as a guest) that I first became aware that Yelena was in the process of launching her own brand. Like so many formulators, Yelena entered the beauty world through frustrations with her own skin and she found herself spending a lot of time doing courses and researching a holistic approach to skin care.

Wild Beauty Apothecary (Lena Wild) launched with just two key products; a treatment mask and an oil. Although I am sure there will be more products to come, this uncomplicated approach to skin does appeal to me. It is also very clear that the products themselves work together in harmony, complimenting each other.

Harmony Rescue Mask (£39 for 100 ml) – Is a powdered mask that you mix yourself, I always enjoy this process as it allows me to customise my mask to my own skin needs. Yelena kindly included a little sample of the Bloom Oil with the full sized mask and I used up every drop of this golden oil eagerly, both by mixing it in with the mask and applying a few drops after removing the mask as well. The harmony rescue mask has a deep green colour and grassy scent, it mixes easily with water or a hydrosol  and feels beautifully cooling on the skin. Due to the deep colour, it can be a little messy to remove, so I would recommend using a coloured flannel or old muslin cloth, before of using your best white flannel as it will stain!

The Wild Beauty Apothecary Harmony rescue mask is suited to most skin types, but with a particular affinity for combination, oily or blemish prone skin. I have quite dry and sensitive skin, but it can become easily inflamed which can show itself in the form of blemishes. A tip I read a few years ago changed the way I felt about dry powder face masks, and is to never let the mask completely dry on your face, especially if you have a more sensitive skin. Mixing the powder with some oil helps a lot in this case, but you can also spritz with a toner/hydrosol if you are not quite ready to remove. The mask is a bit like setting the reset button for your skin, when you remove it the skin feels smooth, any oily or congested areas are improved and it helps to heal blemishes faster.

Wild Beauty Apothecary Harmony rescue mask

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The ingredients are not overly complicated, but are well suited to balancing skin, such as green and white clays, matcha, camu camu and white willow which can help to unclog pores as well as yarrow and lavender. It is a formula that delivers results at every application and could be a great addition to your skincare routine if you have skin that is in need of balancing and calming. The Wild Beauty Apothecary (Lena Wild) Harmony bloom oil is a light but nourishing formula and left me wanting more! Never a bad thing given the amount of oils I am lucky enough to test. It has a gorgeous blend of ingredients, including safflower, rosehip and evening primrose oils and doesn’t feel heavy when applied.

Something I really like about Wild Beauty Apothecary (Lena Wild) is the attention to detail, such as the use of tree free paper boxes made from cotton scraps and compostable labels. The mask comes in a beautiful glass jar, glass is heavier to transport than plastic for example, so Wild Beauty Apothecary have chosen to source their packaging from Europe to cut down on emissions.

A great mask for helping troubled skin, my first experience of Wild Beauty Apothecary (Lena Wild) has been a really interesting one. The brand is available through their own website or several stockists including Glow Organic* in the UK. I look forward to seeing how the brand evolves.

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