September empties – Skincare, bodycare and kids

It is that time of the month again, when I fill my bedside table with empties. I know a lot of you really enjoy these posts, so I am keeping them as a regular feature, as they allow me to show the products I use up regularly but perhaps reviewed a long time ago or haven’t got around to reviewing at all. I don’t have as much this month as previous months which is a bit disappointing, but I have testing things for several awards and so most of these were finished up before I started with that.

This time I am going to start with the kids products as there are only a few of those!

This month they got through two of the Weleda kids 2in1 formulas in Orange* and Vanilla*. Gentle on young skin, these body washes have a creamy texture and work well to wash hair too. Since these were launched I have been consistently repurchasing them, they are a nice price point, you can get cheaper  brands but the formulas don’t tend to be as nice and the kids seem to enjoy using these a lot. Weleda has been my most used children’s brand, both now they are a bit older and as babies. Woobamboo kids toothbrush is another repurchase, you can see from the bristles on this one that is she going through that awful stage of chewing the toothbrush, especially as she had her back teeth coming through. The bristles are synthetic, but the handle itself is made of bamboo and will go in the compost heap with the bristles removed.

Next we have Bath and Body-care, you can tell the evenings have become chilly again and I have been enjoying a hot bath.

I finished up a another Beatitude comfort candle, which is a lovely warm scent made with soya wax and essential oils. Beatitude is a fabulous aromatherapy brand and I have been loving their pillow mist for a while too. In the bath I used up a Bloom Remedies Serenity slumber bath oil, this is another brand that I been using for many years. The blends are lovely and the oil disperses nicely in the bath. I also used up a Primavera Harmonizing bath oil, this was a divine blend, really pretty and just like the Bloom Remedies oil disperses in the bath leaving skin really soft. Last bath oil is the Kinn Living bath oil (See full review here), this is a really nice brand with a lovely scent to the range including ylang ylang and orange, but unlike the others doesn’t mix with the bath water and tends to sit on the top. It is a very nice product, but I can’t help but think that the formula would be much improved by adding an emulsifier. My last bath product is the Therapie by Roques O’Neil Himalayan detox bath salts*, I have been raving about these salts for years, they are very special indeed and although I have no idea how they work (magic I think!) the performance is undeniable. I keep these salts for those days when I am feeling under the weather, or need a really restful sleep. They are pricey, but I never feel as relaxed as when I use these salts, so worth every penny.

I also have a few shower products, again no surprises here, I am brand loyal in the shower it seems. I finished up one of the full sizes of the Weleda Arnica shower gel*, which is a clear formula which foams gently, feels a bit more practical and less luxurious compared to the creamy body washes that I adore, but I loved how refreshing it was in the summer heat wave! It is also perfect after a trip to the gym, must do that more this year *cough*. I also finished two of the Weleda mini creamy body washes, I actually took these on holiday with me as they are the perfect size for travelling. I say it again and again, but these are just lovely washes, non drying and with fantastic scents, they have been in my bathroom now for over eight years (possibly longer!) and with good reason. Rose* is a very classic floral, Pomegranate* is a warm scent with citrus and vanilla notes and Almond* is a very gentle scent, great for sensitive skin.

I have two other Weleda products that are part of my regular purchases, one is the Citrus hand and nail cream* (See my full review here), which I use overnight and another is Skinfood* which I use anywhere I have dry skin. I particularly like Skinfood on my feet as an overnight treatment, but I also use it as an intensive face mask and so much more! Skinfood fans are in for a real treat on the first of October, my lips are sealed until then, but I think a lot of people will be very happy with the new launches that are coming!

I have a few skincare empties, mainly things that had only one or two applications left as I have been testing lots of new things but wanted to clear some space.

Novexpert Serum booster (See my full review here) is a hyaluronic acid serum, it is quite thick in texture and can feel a little sticky if used by itself, however it works brilliantly layered in a routine after spritz and before an oil or cream. This was very nice has several different sizes of hyaluronic acid, so was very effective. I also finished a trial size of the Weleda almond oil*, again a regular in my empties and routines, I used this on holiday for make up removal, very gentle and doesn’t sting my eyes even when I am wearing contact lenses.

The ByBi Beauty Prime Time* (See my full review here) is an exfoliating polish in an oily balm texture. The brand has since changed the packaging to bio-plastic sugarcane tubes and has ditched the glass but the contents inside remain the same. This is a really lovely product and one I would definitely repurchase when I need a scrub. The little Emma Hardie cleansing balm was something I picked up out of pure curiosity, the brand doesn’t make any natural claims but I have lost track of how many beauty bloggers I have seen raving about it so I decided to give it a try. It smells lovely, the main note is neroli and doesn’t use mineral oil, but the texture was a huge disappointment for me. Even after melting it in my hands there were hard pieces of balm that wouldn’t melt, which was beyond irritating. Not something I would go out of my way to buy again, unless I had a dodgy batch this seems to be highly overrated.

I used a travel sized Terreverdi rose water, this was great for mixing with dry powder masks and smells divine. Simple but effective. The Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian oil cream cleanser is a repurchase for taking on holiday with me, it is a lovely cleanser, nourishing, smells divine and removes make up with ease. Huge fan of Beauty kitchen as a brand! Last but not least we have a trial size of the Weleda Evening Primrose concentrate*, this is Weleda’s range for mature skin and it is a light, hydrating serum. Despite not being in the mature category yet I loved this product, I used it as my only moisturiser on some of the really hot sticky summer days where I couldn’t tolerate anything else on my face!

Do you use any of these products? Any that like me you found a bit disappointing?

Post contains a mix of PR Samples, purchases and repurchases. Some of the links used are affiliate links (these are marked with a *). Please see my full disclaimer for details.
Ana Green

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