Absolution Le Multi Correcteur for dark circles

Absolution corrector

Dark circles are something I get quite a lot of questions about and I will be honest, whilst I do think some undereye creams can help you look more awake thanks to that added hydration boost, sadly there isn’t a product that will magically make them disappear. One of the best make up artist tips I read years ago, was to use a peach based corrector under the eyes to conceal the blue tint they give and it is a tip that really works! Sadly the brand that I once used really isn’t one that I wanted to continue supporting, so I have been searching for an alternative ever since and I am pleased to say I have found it!

The Absolution Le Multi Correcteur* (£24) – I spotted this product on the feeds of two of my favourite make up artists; Tahira Herold and Lou Dartford, you can see some of the best green beauty picks in this post. Both are big fans of Absolution make up and list it as a brand they use in their kit, so it immediately went in by basket to try out! The corrector comes in several shades, I went for shade 10 as that is a peach shade perfect for applying under the eyes. Two children later and I am pretty sure that my dark circles are here to stay, so having something to make me look a bit more awake it really welcome and Absolution delivers on its promises, this is a really great product.

Absolution corrector swatch

Absolution corrector shade 10* –  Swatched and blended slightly

The product comes in a squeeze tube, making it really easy to use just the right amount of product. I use less than a grain of rice of the product for both eyes, you really don’t need a lot! The corrector is really creamy and goes on smoothly. I have tried many different brushes and applicators and have finally settled on using my fingers as the best way to apply this. I dot the product under my eyes and then gently pat and blend with my ring finger. I do find I have to set the product with some setting powder, I use the RMS Unpowder* for this as it is very light, but it doesn’t crease a lot given the creamy texture it has. You can add some regular concealer over the top of the corrector if you choose, but I tend to use by itself and I find it works well enough by itself to cover dark circles that I don’t want to add extra product over the top.

The Absolution corrector is certified organic by the COSMOS standard and is 99% of natural origin and 20% organic. It contains ingredients such as organic jojoba oil and cornflower to soothe the under eye area and is also suitable for vegans. I have been using this product for several months and still have lots left in the tube, it is really very effective and easily my best make up purchase of the year! If you struggle with dark circles under your eyes I highly recommend the Absolution corrector.

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