Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant stick review

Earth Conscious Deodorant sticksSo many of you get in touch wanting an effective deodorant and I have over the years tested and written about a lot of different formulas. Something I always say to people is that with deodorant, perhaps more so than other products, everyone’s body chemistry is slightly different and so it really is a case of testing some different ones and seeing what works for you personally. I do like to try and give people plenty of info to try and narrow things down though, so today I wanted to review my latest deodorant discovery for you, the Earth Conscious deodorant sticks.

I have mentioned several times before the Earth Conscious formulas in the tins, see my review here. These are great and I have used up many tins over the years. The Earth Conscious sticks themselves are even better in terms of packaging, practicality and performance in my opinion. First of all there is a lovely selection of fragrances to choose from, one of my gripes with deodorants over the years has been the lack of fresh scents and in my opinion many of the synthetic fragrance based options on the market can make you smell worse than if you used nothing at all. Earth Conscious different essential oil blends to cater for every taste, you have grapefruit and lemon, peppermint and spearmint, Jasmine and Rose, Lemon and Rosemary or Lavender and Tea Tree.

I have been testing two of these scents; Jasmine and Rose and the Peppermint and Spearmint formulas. Both of the scents are lovely, but very different. I would recommend Jasmine and Rose if you are looking for something very subtle, perhaps if you aren’t that keen on fragrance at all, as it is a gentle and delicate floral. Peppermint and Spearmint is great if you want something a little more heavy duty or if you prefer something very fresh and slightly cooling.

Earth Conscious Dedorant sticks

Earth Conscious Deodorant Stick – £8 in a variety of scents

I personally have found the Earth Conscious sticks to very effective and give all day protection, not needing to reapply unless I am unusually active or going to the gym. In the warmer months the stick format was fuss free to apply and I didn’t notice any white marks unless I was too quick to get dressed after application, I like to leave a few minutes to really make sure deodorant creams are absorbed. As we come to the cooler months the push up stick has become more solid, totally normal as the deodorant is using ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter, but it does mean that it needs a little warming for successful application.

One of the big selling points of this deodorant is the completely biodegradable cardboard packaging as I know so many of you are looking to alternatives to plastics. It states on the Earth Conscious website that the tubes are completely recyclable, but they are also suitable for at home composting. The Earth Conscious deodorant sticks are a very generous 60 gram size, many high street brands are only giving you forty ml for your money, so actually I think Earth Conscious is very good value for money. After months of use I haven’t managed to finish either scent completely!

Earth conscious baby balm

Earth Conscious Baby Balm – £6 Fragrance free and vegan friendly

All the Earth Conscious deodorants are free of aluminium salts so not designed to be an anti-perspirant. They use simple natural ingredients such as shea butter, arrowroot to help keep the skin dry and sodium bicarbonate to keep you fresh. Some people can react badly to sodium bicarbonate in deodorant formulas; but I personally find the Earth Conscious formulas gentler than some of the other brands on the market, so may be worth trying even if you had a bad experience with a different formula.

The stick formulas are vegan friendly and Earth Conscious donates a portion of each sale to the Marine Conservation society. A lovely brand and great product, Earth conscious doesn’t just have a great selection of deodorants, you can also find a selection of other plastic free and eco-friendly products on the site such as sandwich wraps, soap bars and toothpaste. I should also mention the lovely baby balm, a really versatile but simple product that is completely fragrance free, vegan friendly and comes in an aluminium tin. We were sent this moisturising balm months ago and it has been a great addition to our routine, perfect for dry skin anywhere for baby or for you! We liked it so much we have wiped the tin clean, highly recommended as a very useful and budget friendly product.

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