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Weleda Skinfood Light

Weleda is a natural beauty pioneer and a brand that has featured a lot on my blog over the years. It is also a brand that doesn’t innovate all that often, they have such a broad offering already and have been around for nearly a hundred years, so yearly collections of new products isn’t something we are used to from the brand. This month Weleda fans are in for a real treat, there will be three new additions to the Skinfood range including the new Weleda Skinfood light!

Skinfood itself needs no introduction and is a cult beauty favourite adored by Victoria Beckam, Adele and is a staple in lots of make up artist kits. It is a thick multi-purpose cream that tackles dry skin anywhere, especially good for heels, elbows and extremely dry skin. If you love a dewy skin look, skinfood is a lovely addition as a primer under foundation or just added to the cheekbones for a little bit of sheen.

Weleda Skinfood has followed the same recipe for nearly one hundred years and was one of the original Weleda products created. It is a water in oil emulsion, this means that overall the oil content is higher than the water content, giving it a balmy texture that is extremely comforting but does mean it takes a little longer to absorb.

Weleda Skinfood Light (£7.95 for 30 ml and £12.95 for 75 ml) – Contains all the same ingredients that made the original Skinfood a success, including wild pansy, calendula and chamomile. Also like the original skinfood, Weleda Skinfood light contains lanolin making it suitable for vegetarians but not vegans, although there will be a vegan product in the range coming, so stay tuned! The biggest difference between Skinfood and Weleda Skinfood light is the texture, the Skinfood light is an oil in water emulsion, making it lighter in texture and quicker to absorb but it does still retain some of the original Skinfood feel because it is creamy and comforting. Even though the Skinfood light contains the same mix of essential oils as the original skinfood, the scent overall is a little bit lighter and sweeter in my opinion, which just goes to show small changes to ingredients can really shift the formula overall.

It is another multi-tasker meaning that it can be used anywhere, face and body. Personally I have been mainly using it as a hand cream and it works brilliantly, leaving my dry hands really soft and smooth. Weleda have swapped the packaging from the aluminium tubes to plastic ones, making Skinfood Light easier to travel with. I know a lot of people had problems with the aluminium tubes splitting before the product was finished, but I also know a lot of people who are trying to steer away from plastic. Packaging is such a hard area for brands at the moment and I don’t think there is an ideal solution. Weleda have looked at the overall carbon footprint of their packaging and found that the plastic tubes, which contain 25% recycled plastic content to be the best overall option at this point.

I think the Weleda Skinfood light will be another hit product for the brand, for anyone who loved the scent and efficacy of the original, but prefers a lighter formula it is ideal. I purchased myself three tubes as I had a feeling it would be a winner when I had the pleasure of testing it out.

Have you tried the new Weleda Skinfood light? Do you love the original Skinfood?

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