October Empties – Skincare and body care

I was holding off on this months empties as I have a few more products with only several more uses left, but I decided this morning that I couldn’t fit anymore in the basket, so I wanted to share what I have used up recently! As usual there is a mix of skincare, body care and make up. A lot of products in this months post are repurchases so many of these are very familiar to me.

Starting with body care:

The Weleda body washes are in there again, I can’t think of a single thing I haven’t already said about these to share, but the texture and how beautifully creamy they are really does keep me coming back for more. The Almond* scent is lovely and subtle, good for when you really don’t want anything too fragrant and Pomegranate* is always my autumn range of choice, thanks to it’s warm, citrus and slightly spicey notes! The Soap n Skin Lavender and lime wash is a castille soap base and gave a nice fresh feeling in the shower, but I generally don’t use castille soap on my body, so won’t repurchase.

I also have finished up one of the Weleda deodorant sprays, in my favourite rose scent* (see my full review here). This deodorant spray is fantastic when I am short on time in the mornings, as unlike some of the cream formulas I use, it doesn’t leave any white marks and I can get dressed straight away after application. It is also one of the easiest to reapply during the day, although I don’t generally need to. The Weleda citrus roll on* is another product I have mentioned before, very fresh in scent, although I find the sprays more effective for a long day and need to reapply this one slightly more often. I also finished a Schmidt’s deodorant stick in the Rose Vanilla scent*. I actually bought a couple of these before the company received investment from Unilever (see details here) and although I will not repurchase again, I thought it was best to use them up. The Rose Vanilla might be my favourite scent, but unlike some of the others I had a real issue with staining with this one, definitely be careful if using it with white clothes.

The kids finished up quite a few body washes this month. They used up two of the Weleda kids body washes*, in Very Vanilla and Happy Orange. I stocked up on these this month as some of the scents are currently half price, making them very affordable. Just like the adult creamy washes these are very hydrating and great on young skin. We also used up the Nos Da  baby wash from Cwtch skincare, this wash was gorgeous, a really unique scent and creamy texture but is a much more luxury price point than I would usually go for in a rinse off product. We were lucky enough to discover the brand judging for the Beauty Shortlist Mum and Baby awards and they have some amazing products!

Some haircare that I used up this month included some old favourites from John Masters organics, the Evening primrose shampoo* and the lavender rosemary shampoo*. Both of these are travel sizes that came in Love Lula boxes, both formulas work really well for my hair, the evening primrose is especially good for hair that is a little dry. Would definitely buy these in a full size again! I tried the Weleda Wheat shampoo* this month, in my quest to find a slightly more affordable shampoo option as all my usual favourites tend to be pricey! It is formulated to help with a temperamental scalp and feels lovely and refreshing when you use it, I also am trying the Millet next so I can compare the two but would like buy this again. I also used up a trial size of the Calendula shampoo and body wash*, although formulated for babies it is a nice option for adults wanting something very gentle. I love these little 50 ml sizes for travel too! I also used an Oat replenishing conditioner*, this one is more like a treatment than a conditioner as I do find it need a few minutes to work, but it helps smooth and detangle hair and is very lightly scented.

Although the Lavera 3-1 wash, scrub and mask* is technically a skincare product I used this one on my body. It has a creamy texture and a cooling feel thanks to the mint. I have used a few bottles of this now, Lavera offer some nice affordable products but I won’t be buying again at the moment as I make my own body scrubs and as a skincare product I prefer to use something like this in the summer months. The last product in the body care category is the Moa Dreamy mineral bath soak* (see full review), a lovely cardamom scented product that is perfect for a relaxing bath before bed.

There wasn’t a lot of skincare this month, but there were a couple of old favourites. The AS Apothecary cleansing oil #5 is a beautiful oil cleanser and one of my favourites for doing facial massage at the weekends. The texture is neither too heavy nor too light, giving it just the right amount of slip to enable you to really get in there with your hands and work around the face. It will melt make up away, but I find it far too precious for that and I always use it either as the only cleanse when I am not wearing make up or as a second deeper cleanse if needed. The Weleda Almond cleansing lotion* is another product I go back to, especially during the change of seasons I find this very simple but effective formula suits my skin well. When my skin is particularly dry I love to mix the Almond cleansing lotion with some of the Weleda almond oil for extra nourishment.

I finished off two of the Weleda moisturisers, these have been staples in my routine for years and often come back to them in between testing new brands. The Almond facial cream* is very soothing with no added essential oils, perfect for those times when skin needs taking back to basics as it has only a few ingredients. The Evening primrose night cream* was a real surprise for me, although formulated for a more mature skin than mine I found this night cream incredibly helpful at restoring my skins natural barrier which had become depleted from a combination of testing too many products and general stresses and strains. I found it very good for my redness prone skin, reducing irritability and bringing back some calm to my complexion. I will return to this range and have bought a replenishment for when I finish my current skincare testing.

One lonely make up product this month, another staple is the Green People DD Cream* and as you can see from the bottle this was well loved. It is a medium coverage and dewy finish, very nice on drier skins with an SPF of 15 included as well. I am using up some other foundations and BB Creams, but I am sure I will repurchase this again in the future.

Post contains some PR samples and some products purchased or repurchased by me. Some of the links are affiliate links (these are marked with a *), please see my full disclaimer for details.
Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.