Boxwalla catch up – December Subscription and one off boxes

December Boxwalla Beauty box

This is a much needed Boxwalla beauty box catch up! Things have been very hectic here this month, so I am a little behind schedule compared to normal. I am part of the judging panel for the Beauty Shortlist awards as well as juggling several projects and a few training courses, so these posts have slipped a little. Unfortunately, all my exciting plans have taken me away from the blog a little bit more than I would have liked.

I missed telling you about the October Boxwalla beauty box and although the deadline for subscription is now gone, there are still some one off boxes to be had on the site, so I am still going to weigh in on my first impressions. I did however receive my December box and wanted to share it with you as well.

Earthwise beauty

The December Boxwalla Beauty box features a brand than has been in the box before – Earthwise beauty. Containing two full sized products we have the Resiliency face serum and the Yusuni face balm. Earthwise has undergone a bit of a make over, so the products look drastically different from the way they did before.

Resiliency face serum – A thick gel consistency, designed to target a range of issues including depuffing, firming and brightening. This product is one of the Earthwise beauty bestsellers and used to called Carrot a day as it includes carrot seed oil as well as chamomile and helichrysum. The serum is in an aloe vera base and feels really soothing, cooling and refreshing on the skin. When I initially looked at the pot I thought it was going to be sticky or tacky when applied, but it wasn’t at all. I wish I could say I had fallen in love with this product as I know so many people love it, but in all honesty I just couldn’t get past the scent which is very unique and just not to my taste. It wasn’t a hit for me, but that is the nature of beauty boxes, some things you will love others you won’t!

Yasuni Face balm – As soon as I unpacked this I was keen to try it! It is my kind of product. A solid balm in the pot, it turns in to a rich oil on contact with skin. The balm is free of essential oils, a nice option for anyone whose skin is highly sensitive or for people with fragrance allergies. Unlike many balms that are just designed to be nourishing on the skin, Yasuni is formulated with fruit oils that have a mild enzymatic effect. I haven’t been using this consistently enough to discover the long term effects, but I did find this products beautifully comforting and soothing on my skin. It also absorbs incredibly well, leaving the skin feeling lovely and plump.

October Boxwalla beauty box

The October boxes featured the African Botanics Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum, a luxe brand that I had been meaning to try for sometime. The serum is a gorgeous light texture and has a host of interesting plant ingredients. It is one that I am going to test properly in the new year because I am curious to see how it will perform with longer term use. The October one time boxes are available to purchase – here*.

There is also a variety of other lovely things that have been added to the Boxwalla site at the moment to browse, including some vegan Angela Roi bags which look incredible. As always these boxes are a fantastic way of discovering new products and incredible value. You can subscribe to the December box featuring Earthwise beauty for $49.95 and free US shipping – here*.

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Ana Green

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