Desk beauty essentials – Featuring Amly, Bodhi and Birch and Weleda

Desk beauty featuring the Amly Botanicals Silver Rich mist, Bodhi and Birch Mint The Temple balm and Weleda Skinfood Lipbalm.

Back to work is always a struggle, but January even more so. The excitement of Christmas is over and we are living with the bleak British weather now until we catch a glimpse of sunshine in spring. For that reason I thought I would share a few home comforts I keep on my desk to make the back to work a little more bearable.

I have the luxury of working from home, but I still like to keep a few select products to hand that I know help me during the day. One of the drawbacks of working from home is that it can be easy to become distracted, so I find keeping things to hand as much as possible enables me to get as much as possible done in the shortest space of time.

As most of us do these days I spend a lot of my time at the computer. I try and make sure I get up and walk around, at least once every couple of hours to stretch and get a change of scene. If I haven’t got time to get up but am feeling a little flat I will spritz my face with the Amly Radiance boost mist. When I first discovered this product I tried using it at the toner stage in my skincare routine and whilst it works perfectly for that task, I love using during the day. This is a really unique mist, it comes out of the glass bottle as one of the finest, most delicate sprays I have ever used.

The second thing that makes it so unique is the beautiful aromatherapy blend, which is unlike anything else I have ever tried and utterly. This mist isn’t short on ingredients, including a mix of floral waters, aloe vera, probiotics and peptides. The result is a beautiful aromatherapy treatment that gives my energy a lovely boost and my hydration and glow. It works well over the top of make up too, which is why it has become a desk beauty essential as it is easy to reapply during the day to combat the central heating and other negative influences on the skin.

Desk beauty essentials – Featuring the Amly Radiance boost mist, Bodhi and Birch Mint The temple balm and Weleda Skinfood lip-balm.

If my head feels a bit sore or my neck and shoulders start to ache, a common problem when you are sat at a desk for a long time, then I reach for the Bodhi and Birch Mint The Temple balm. I have been buying this product for years, it is a fragrant menthol balm which contains white camphor, cajeput and eucalyptus. The balm is soft and it is in a shea butter base that isn’t waxy or heavy.

I sometimes simply inhale the beautiful aroma from the pot, it helps clear my head and breathe deeply. I also apply a small amount on the insides of my wrists, temples or back of the neck. You feel a lovely cooling sensation which works well on minor aches and helps me to concentrate.

My last desk essential is the new Weleda Skinfood Lip balm. I have been using this since it launched a few months ago and have nearly finished my first tube. I love the texture of this lip balm, perfect for dry and chapped lips, it feels comforting and unlike a lot of other balms I only feel the need to apply a few times a day, as it is quite long lasting.

If you love the original Weleda Skinfood, the new additions to the range such as the Skinfood Light and Skinfood Lip balm are both also lovely. I have back ups of both of these in my beauty cupboard as I don’t want to be without them.

Have you tried any of these products? What products do you keep on your desk?

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.