Perfect cream blush application with the RMS skin2skin blush brush

I love a cream blush, it can look so fresh and healthy on the skin, but application can move and disrupt the make up you have applied underneath, so how you apply is key. Up until now I have been applying with my finger and gently patting until the product is blended. This does work well, especially with products that benefit from the warmth of your fingers to apply. I was curious to try a brush a specifically designed for cream blush to see if the finish would be better.

I have written about RMS Beauty extensively on this blog, the products are a premium price, but the ones that work well for me, really work! The Lip2Cheek pots are one of my most used products over the years, In particular the colour Smile, which is a beautiful coral that is lovely for summer and the colour Modest, which is a good everyday colour.

I also really rate the pressed eyeshadows and the Living Luminizer highlight which is a classic product, I get also asked about the eye polishes often, but I never tried them as I have lids that make product crease easily and they are not known for their staying power. The pressed eyeshadows on the other hand I find very good in terms of staying power.

I have already reviewed their Skin2Skin foundation brush, this brush specifically designed to work with cream products such as the RMS Un-Coverup, a creamy concealer that can also be used as a light foundation. The Blush Brush is designed to work with the RMS Lip2Cheek pots, but I have also tested it with the Ere Perez Carrot Colour pots and the Inika cream blush.

RMS Skin2Skin Blush Brush (£32) – As I mentioned before, this is not a budget friendly brush, but I do believe that if you take care of your make up brushes and they are good quality they can last you many years. So it is not as much of an investment as you may initially think, especially when compared to other beauty tools such as sponges, which can be pricey and will need replacing on a regular basis.

RMS skin2skin blush brush – £32

The bristles of all the RMS brushes are synthetic, making them suitable for vegans. The Skin2Skin blush brush has a light, aluminium handle, making it very easy to travel with too. I personally find the shorter handles makes application for easier for me as I only have small hands. The blush brush itself is a duo fibre design, but I have to say it does perform differently to the other duo fibre brushes I own. Just like the Skin2Skin foundation brush, the bristles are slightly stiffer and don’t tend to splay like some of my other brushes, making it perfect for blending in thicker products.

You can tap the brush straight in to the product and blend, a lot of cream blushes can be highly pigmented, so start with just a small amount, this is particularly true in the case of RMS. But I tend to apply with my finger and blend with the brush, both ways work well.

RMS Mod palette – Featuring Master mixer, Living Luminizer and Lip2cheeks in Spell and Smile.

I have just started testing the Mod palette from RMS. I like that you have several different products together, very portable and useful. The skin2skin blush brush works nicely to blend these on the to the skin, you could use just this palette for a variety of looks. The palette features two highlighters; the living luminizer a subtle silvery sheen and the master mixer, which is a champagne colour, designed to be blended with blushes, eyeshadows etc,,, to give you different looks. You also have two lip2cheeks, Spell and Smile. I have used smile before, but spell is more of a neutral colour, that looks almost like a bronzer. All the colours in this palette to me say spring/summer, so I shall be using them a bit more and give you a more in depth review later on.

If you are already a fan of the RMS lip2cheeks, then this blush brush works well with the rest of the range. Not an essential product by any means, but one I have been very much enjoying. If you struggle with cream blush application then a specifically designed brush can really help.

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Ana Green

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