New in for Spring – Beauty products to switch up your routine

(This post contains some PR samples and affiliate links)

The sun is starting to shine in the UK and there is a glimmer of warmth coming through the crisp mornings, for that reason I thought it would be the perfect time for a spring round up, so I can share with you some of the products I am enjoying the most right now. As usual with these round ups, all of these products are suitable for use all year round, they just happen to be things I am reaching for a lot for the season.

Let’s start off with sunscreen, something that a lot of people only use in the summer months. As I mentioned in my last Daytime skincare routine I have been making a big effort to try and use sunscreen daily under my make up, even if I am only popping out briefly to do the school run. I had been using the Badger baby formula, which is very gentle, but also quite a heavy texture. I switched over to the Madara Sun SPF 30 (PR Sample and affiliate link) and haven’t really looked back. The texture of the Madara is much lighter than many of the other more naturally led sunscreens on the market and I don’t have any issue with it leaving a white cast. I would be interested to see if people with darker skin tones than mine also approve. It is still quite a nourishing formula, but on my skin that is prone to dryness it is absolutely perfect. It is worth noting I layer all my usual skincare under this and don’t find that it is too shiny under my foundation, in fact it gives the perfect canvas for my mineral foundation from Inika. It covers you for both UVA and UVB protection and uses zinc to give the sun protection, it also has a remarkably short ingredients list given it is a sunscreen. Overall, a really impressive product. I hope the formula still suits my skin as the weather gets warmer!

The Organic Pharmacy glow liquid blush (PR Sample and affiliate link) was a product I spotted on the talented Lou Dartford MUA Instagram and it instantly caught my eye. I get so many good recommendations from Lou and when she said she loved these, I had to check them out. These blushers have a beautiful silky feel and are really easy to blend on the skin. They have a radiant and very natural and come in three shades. For everyday they are so easy to apply, wear and reapply on the go thanks to the packaging. I have worn this daily for around a month and I am totally in love. Lasting power isn’t quite as long as a powder, I do find I need to reapply if I am going back out in the evening, but personally I find it worth it for the gorgeous finish. I picked the shade apricot, which leaves a stunning peachy flush on the cheeks and looks perfect with a nude lip.

Jordan Samuel The After show Treatment cleanser for sensitive skin (Own purchase) if you have skin that is easily thrown off balance or irritated by the change of seasons I can’t recommend Jordan Samuel’s cleanser enough. This is a US brand, although they are working on coming over to Europe. As soon as I showed this on my Instagram stories I got a couple of messages asking about UK and European stockists, but they don’t have any I can share with you yet, we will have to be patient. I purchased directly from their website and shipped it over from the US, something I rarely do, however I have been so interested in trying the brand and so impressed with Jordan’s overall approach that I couldn’t wait any longer! Jordan is a US based Aesthetician, so he has a really great knowledge of skin. This formula is a gel to oil to milk cleanser, the texture has that beautiful slip I like in my products that enables you to massage for as long as you like. It is completely unfragranced and just really gentle, but still effective at taking off make up and grime. It works as a morning cleanse and to do a double cleanse if you choose to use it that way. I use it with the Jane Scrivner fluffy mitts which I am obsessed with, but Jordan does have his own cloth. If you are in the US this cleanser is a run don’t walk type scenario, he has a range of other options too, from hydrating mists and serums to retinols. I can’t wait to try more!

Spring skin for me means embracing a gentle glow, but if like me you need some help in the glow department the Glow Facial oil from Inner Senses (PR Sample) might be just the thing. Inner Senses is a brand that was founded by an aromatherapist, so as you can imagine they develop really beautiful blends with plant oils and therapeutic essential oils. Glow is one of those face oils that has a slicker thicker texture and cushiony feel on the skin, it does what it says it will do which is add a nice glow and some radiance to skin in the most gorgeous way. Glow has such a nice list of nourishing ingredients, including pumpkin and hemp seed oils. The scent sweet citrus and as a neroli lover, total heaven! Like a Mediterranean holiday in a bottle. Just a few drops bring the skin back to life and helps make up to sit well on the skin.

Pixi Eyeshadow palette (PR Sample) Pixi is one of those brands with a huge cult following. Up until now I haven’t used many of their products, however in the last few weeks this eyeshadow palette has become one of my go to make up items. The shadows are lovely and buttery in texture, easy to blend even for a total eyeshadow novice like me and the shades are a nice mix of shimmers and matte shades. They several quite a few palettes to choose from with a generous amount of product for each shade, but this one is aptly named natural beauty, as it is perfect for anyone that is a little colour shy. You can create some lovely neutral but polished looks with the selection in this palette. The palettes are sturdy and easy to travel with, but as I say often I do wish Pixi offered a refillable option. On a separate note the Pixi PR send outs are a little bit legendary, as they are very generous with samples and everything comes so beautifully packaged, but I would love it if they would be a bit more mindful of how much plastic they are using. It is something we all need to be start to speak up about to nudge brands gently to make a change.

A limited edition for Spring from Weleda. The Summer Garden Shower (Own Purchase) is a lovely floral version of their creamy body washes, which I have used and loved for years. The predominant notes are Ylang Ylang and it smells just as you would expect, floral but still fresh and soft. Weleda have also introduced their new partnership with TerraCycle, to recycle their soft touch plastics in the UK and raise money for penguin conservation in the process. If you love a really moisturising shower product, this is perfect for you.

I am off to enjoy the sunshine and if you celebrate, Happy Easter!

This post contains a mix of own purchases, PR samples and some of the outgoing links are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase through these I may get a small commission. See my full disclaimer for details. 

Ana Green

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