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I have been testing some lovely new mineral make up products, perfect for anyone who doesn’t like the feeling of products on their skin, mineral make up can feel light but still offer a pretty look and good coverage. Personally I feel that mineral make up in a loose powder format, has some advantages over liquid or cream textures, especially if you need a product with minimal ingredients.

The English Mineral Make up company, is an independent UK brand who offer a full mineral make up range perfect for sensitive skin. The brand was set up by a Mother and daughter duo, with an interest in natural skincare and with experience of skin conditions such as rosacea.

One of the reasons I love mineral make up is that it is gentle on my sensitive and you can fantastic coverage, better in my opinion than with liquid products. I always make sure I choose mineral brands that are free from unnecessary fillers or potentially irritating ingredients such as bismuth oxychloride and The English Mineral Make up company ticks that box.

I have a few products from the brand kindly sent me to share with you. The quality of the minerals themselves, I think is excellent, easily on a par with others I have tried if not better. The powders are really finely milled and don’t sit heavily on the skin. The price point is slightly higher than other mineral brands I have recommended before on the blog and seems to vary quite a lot from product to product. So if budget is an important factor for you, this is something to keep in mind.

I also have to mention that the website isn’t quite as polished as some of their competitors and if I hadn’t tried the products and felt the quality first hand, I am not sure I would have bought these products myself based on the websites look and feel. I appreciate that small brands have a lot on their plate when starting out, but I also think it is important that we are honest when giving brands feedback. Especially when they have an excellent product but the overall buyer experience isn’t quite there yet.

I did also quiz the brand before publishing this review about their mineral sourcing and supply chain. Mineral make up mining can be associated child labour, heavy metal contamination and more, so for this reason many brands are turning to nature identical minerals. Nature identical means synthetic ingredients that are created in a lab, to be identical to ingredients available in nature. This solves some of the issues involved with these ingredients generally. The English Mineral Make up company assured me that their minerals can all be traced back through the supply chain and that they choose the best quality natural minerals. Interestingly this product is out of stock at the time of writing this review as they are having issues with sourcing one of the ingredients, also worth noting this is one of the few products in the range that isn’t vegan as it contains pearl powder.

On to the products:

Fairy Godmother (£55 for 10 grams) – I am starting with the most expensive product of the range, Fairy Godmother is a multi-tasking loose powder that be used to set your make up, as a primer, as an illuminator or as a night treatment. Now I will say straight away that whilst I believe minerals can be excellent for skin and are my go to when I have any kind of breakout or major sensitivity, I never really got in to the idea of using them as a treatment. Bare Minerals also has something similar and I always found it a bit baffling really. Personally I would rather keep mineral powders for use during the day, so I haven’t tested it as a treatment. As a setting or finishing powder this is a gorgeous product, it gives a lovely soft focus finish and just looks lovely! It is translucent so should work with any skin tone. This is one of the few products in the range that isn’t vegan friendly as it contains pearl powder.

Foundation (£37 for 10 grams) – Surprisingly, since this mineral powder wasn’t chosen by me, it was an exact colour match for my skin! It is a lovely formula, feels weightless on the skin and can be built up to achieve the level of coverage that you want. I tend to apply a little more skincare when using a mineral powder foundation as I like a glow to my complexion. I couldn’t see a shimmer to this foundation, some are shimmery, but it also didn’t look completely matte either. It comes with a lovely vegan kabuki brush, which is fantastic and so soft, but it would be great to have the option to buy without the brush as well, otherwise I could see people getting quite a collection of these if they are loyal customers (EDIT: After speaking to the company they said that they offer the choice to returning customers to buy without the kabuki brush, which is great). The shade selection is quite complete for an indie brand, with a specific section catering for deeper shades. My shade is warm light, for fair skin with warmer undertones, but they also a variety of other undertones including cool. I have no complaints at all with this foundation, it is a beautiful product!

Blush (£25 for 5 grams) – The blush comes in eight shades and I have the shade cool which appears to be the lightest of them all. This blush gives a very gentle flush on my skin tone, but if you have very fair skin and hair this will look lovely on you. It is a matte shade, great if you don’t want shimmer and very nice for everyday wear.

Just like the foundation I didn’t have any complaints about how it performed on the skin. If you don’t think this colour would suit you, they also have some really nice bright looking shades to choose from too. The powders blend beautifully and give a lovely flush.

Warmth and bronze (£25 for 5 grams) – This was absolute favourite of all the products I tried. This is such a gorgeous bronzer, easy to blend, featherlight and not muddy on the skin. It gives the perfect healthy “I have been on holiday” glow. There are four shades of warmth and bronze to choose from and I have the shade soft bronze (swatched above). What I love about this product and the entire range, is that everything looks so natural, like skin rather an a mask of heavy coverage. You can also see my review of the Ethereal body glow – here.

Tone Correctors (£22 for 5 grams) – The selection of tone correctors available is impressive, with colours I have not seen before. I am sure these will be of interest to make up artists, who use colour correcting a lot in their work. If you haven’t heard of colour correcting before, it is based on the colour wheel and so you if you have a lot of blue tones under your eyes for example, you would take a peach coloured corrector to hide that. I have a lot of red in my skin including some broken capillaries, so the green colour corrector came in handy. It also works well for concealing blemishes, although there is an art to applying it. You apply the tone correctors before your foundation, otherwise you will look a bit strange. I find less is more with the green toned corrector, so I apply with a small brush just where I need it. You will be amazed how well it works to knock back redness, just go easy with application, otherwise you risk looking a bit strange!

The Kabuki brushes are simply gorgeous, with the softest vegan bristles I have ever come across. The large pink brush (£19 – Pictured above) is a lovely size for applying bronzer on to the chest area, but for my face I prefer to use the smaller sizes for more precision application.

I haven’t mentioned the packaging yet, which is very sturdy and lovely to look at. Unlike other mineral make up brands it comes with a mirror in the lid. On the one hand the mirror is really handy when reapplying on the go, on the other this means you can’t use the lid to pack the minerals in to the brush, which is my preferred method of application. I have been using a little plate and tipping the minerals out on to that instead. Something worth noting is the long shelf life minerals have compared to some cream based products, perfect if you have a larger make up collection and are concerned about products expiring before you can use them.

So there you have it, my review of The English Mineral make up company, a lovely brand with some interesting products. You can shop the whole range on their website – here.

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.