Tweezerfile: The beauty tool for sharpening tweezers at home

sharpening tweezers at home

Have you ever come across a product that you couldn’t believe no one had thought of before? That is exactly what I thought when I spotted Tweezerfile, a beauty tool for sharpening blunt tweezers at home. Most of us will accrue a variety of different tweezers in our life time, many of which languish in a draw unused and unloved, because they have become blunt and just not as effective.

Some tweezer brands offer free sharpening of their tools, which is great, but lets be honest a bit of faff to send them off and wait for them to return. It is one of those jobs you realistically rarely get round to. So what tends to happen is that you go out and purchase more tweezers, which can be expensive and wasteful, because good tools come at a price.

Seeing Tweezerfile on another beauty blog was a real aha moment for me and I went straight on to purchase one for myself. The product itself is very compact and reasonably priced. It comes in two colours: Petrol blue or Coral. Both work in exactly the same way, you simply take your blunt tweezers and run the blades up and down the sharpener applying equal pressure to both blades.

Sometimes simple ideas are the best. Tweezerfile is a simple solution to a small problem but one that will save you money in the long term. Our tools for life save waste and money.

Tweezerfile Website

I have tried Tweezerfile with a variety of different tweezers and am happy to report the results have been great every time. It is such a useful product and works quickly and efficiently. The blades are sturdy and the tool itself is easily portable, perfect for make up artists or mobile beauty therapists, for example who may need to sharpen their tweezers on the go.

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Tweezerfile (Coral): Available to buy for £12.99 on the Tweezerfile Website

Sharpening tweezers at home has been made easy by Tweezerfile, it is such a useful and efficient product. Tweezerfile is a tool that is designed to last and keep your tweezers like new, for longer. With so many products designed with a throw away culture in mind, it is great to see innovative brands like Tweezerfile who are finding solutions that save waste and money.

It is one of those products that make me wonder how I ever coped without it before!

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Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.