Choreograph your own skincare routine with Jordan Samuel

Jordan Samuel Skincare is a brand that I have watched evolve with interest over the last few years. This indie brand is the brand child of Seattle based skin therapist and former ballet dancer Jordan Samuel Pacitti and has one of the best straplines I have ever heard: Choreograph your own skincare routine, which beautifully combines Jordan’s dance and skincare careers.

There is a lot that I like about both Jordan’s line and Jordan himself. Firstly as a skin therapist and someone who deals with skin, Jordan puts out consistent information about skincare and skin, across his social media platforms and You Tube channel. I am always impressed when brands are able to focus on providing information for the consumer without a heavy sell and Jordan is well placed to do this through his own professional experience.

The brand has a comprehensive line, but not so many products that you feel overwhelmed when shopping. There is no focus on different skin types, but rather a focus on what the skin needs, which aligns perfectly with my skincare philosophy. Skin is ever changing and so many people get stuck purchasing products that are wholly unsuitable for them because of inappropriate skincare advice that sticks.

As you would expect, the products can be mixed and coordinated to suit your skins individual needs and combat any external factors that are affecting its condition. Jordan himself often demonstrates product combinations with ease, in a practical and accessible way.

As you would expect from a brand created by a skin therapist, there is a focus on good cleansing and three different cleansers in the range.

The Aftershow Treatment Cleanser and the Aftershow Treatment Cleanser for sensitive skin ($22/£20) – I have tried both versions of the Aftershow Treatment Cleanser and both are absolutely superb. This is a beautiful cleanser, with an oily gel texture that melts in to a light oil and emulsifies with water. Oleogels are my favourite type of cleansers, for me, they tick all the boxes, they remove make up, they provide an elegant cleansing experience and they rinse away cleanly.

This type of cleanser is becoming more popular, but the formula of the Aftershow Treatment Cleanser is one I would go back to again and a again. It has a slight edge over some of its competitors and is such a pleasure to use. The sensitive version is packs with soothing ingredients such as chamomile and calendula extract. It is completely fragrance free and perfect for anyone not only with sensitive skin, but also anyone who is sensitised from overuse of active ingredients.

For anyone not sensitive, the regular Aftershow Treatment Cleanser has the additon of some gentle fruit acids and a light fresh scent. Whichever you choose, both of these cleansers blitz through make up and SPF without disrupting the skin thanks to a trio of olive, grapeseed and jojoba oils.

Hydrate the Mist ($29/£26) – I adore a good facial mist and this one could be described almost as a serum in a spray bottle. It is light, gente and non sticky but at the same time packed with humectants, perfect for anyone battling dehydration and in need of an instant fix.

This product has such a beautiful ingredients list, cucumber extract, red seaweed, passionfruit extract and glycerin replenish lost moisture and are ideal for use before applying a facial oil.

I am so pleased I finally took the plunge and bought some of Jordan’s line to try. The range is well crafted with skin health in mind and ideal for skin that needs treating gently. Although the prices are a bit above what you would find on the highstreet, the quality is fantastic and I think the whole range is excellent value for money.

You can purchase the range from or Cult Beauty, both sites ship worldwide.

The products in this post were purchased by me and the links provided are not affiliate links. 

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.