Budget friendly cleansers from Lavera

Lavera cleansers

I have been purchasing and testing some budget friendly cleansers to review. Cleansing is a step that when done properly can help so many different issues and concerns, it is pointless purchasing expensive serums and moisturisers if you don’t perform a thorough cleanse.

With cleansing in particular, so much of the effectiveness of a product comes down to proper usage rather than price point. Don’t get me wrong there are some many cleansers I adore that are a slightly higher price point, but I don’t think for a second you need to spend a lot of money for a good cleanser.

These two cleansers from Lavera tick a lot of boxes for me. Lavera is a brand that has been around for a long time, in places like Germany Lavera is found everywhere and is very inexpensive. Here in the UK it is also widely available and can be found in some high street stores as well as widely online. For those of you who prefer a certified organic product, these cleansers also tick that box as they are certified organic by NATRUE.

Lavera Basis 2-in-1 Cleansing Milk (£8.95 for 125 ml) – A simple, gentle creamy cleanser. Perfect for make up removal and can be used in several ways. I prefer to massage in to dry skin and remove with a warm flannel, but at a push it can also be used with cotton pads and works around the eye area too.

It is hard to find anything to grumble about for either of these Lavera cleansers, given the reasonable price point, but I will point out that if I would change one thing about this product, I would make it slightly less scented or there would be an unfragranced version. I enjoy personally enjoy the fragrance and have never experienced any irritation, but it is always nice to have options. Aside from that minor point, this does a great job, is pleasurable to use and is very budget friendly.

With regards to the formula it is a nice blend of plant oils, such as coconut oil and shea butter, but glycerine is also top of the list, so great for dehydrated skins too. If you make up, have skin on the sensitive or dry side you may find this a winner for you.

Lavera Hydro Effect Cleansing Balm (£13.95 for 100 ml) – Going by the name of the product alone you would think this is a balm texture, but it isn’t it is a non-foaming gel. Unlike the cleansing milk, this wasn’t a favourite of mine for make up removal, but I found it lovely as a morning cleanse or second cleanse in the evening.

The gel has a light, fresh scent and spreads easily across the skin, leaving a refreshing cooling sensation. It rinses easily with water, so is a nice option for when you don’t have a washcloth or flannel to hand.

As with the cleansing milk, glycerin is the first ingredient on the list. For most Lavera products, the preservative system uses high quantities of alcohol, which are well buffered with other hydrating and moisturising ingredients in these formulas. There is also aloe vera and sunflower seed oil as well several other botanical extracts, but it is the humble glycerin doing the most work at top of the ingredients list.

The Lavera cleansers are a great budget option, but I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase them even if budget was not an issue due to the simplicity of the ingredients and effectiveness.

Ana Green

Written by Ana – A beauty industry professional who is passionate about product and helping people navigate the marketing hype in the beauty industry.