This blog is the direct result of my passion for natural/organic and handmade brands. I love to discover and trial new brands and explore ingredients. I have over the years built up relationships with many brands which means that samples are sometimes provided for my consideration. Sometimes the samples are provided directly by the brands, either through a third party like a PR agency or a brand representative or at events. I also feature products kindly sent by selected on-line sites to review, these are sites which I am also a customer for and genuinely support.

Any sponsored content or collaborations will be clearly marked as such.
All products whether they are purchased by me or samples are treated the same and I only talk about and feature what I think will be of interest and aim to provide the natural beauty consumer with useful information to enable them to make a decision regarding what products to buy.

A note for brands:

I do not guarantee that all products will feature on the blog, I reserve the right to choose what features on the blog even if samples have been provided, please consider this before contacting me. Sometimes an item may feature alongside others or it may get it’s own review, this is at my discretion. Information and press releases are welcome but all editorial content is chosen by me, I will only share what I feel is relevant and noteworthy.

I love connecting with and discovering new brands. If you would like to contact me you can do so at, I try and reply as soon as possible but please be aware that I do experience large volumes of emails, so please be patient.

All opinions expressed on the blog are my own and I review all items whether they are bought by me or not honestly and fairly, If I do not like an item I always give an explanation as to why that is and who may enjoy it. The whole purpose of my reviews is to provide information and ideas to readers.

In the side bar I have advertising slots, these are hand chosen by me and businesses pay for these slots but not for any mentions they may get on the blog or any of my social media accounts, these are at my discretion and not part of the advertising package. Only businesses in keeping with the ethos of the site are featured.

Some links used on the site, such as shop the post links or on twitter are affiliate links, meaning I get a small amount of commission for purchases made through these links (this doesn’t affect you as a purchaser in any way), I only use these where appropriate and it does not affect which products get recommended, these are chosen with care. The use of these links helps to keep the site running and enables me to provide you with informational content, if you purchase through my links thank you for your support. If you prefer to not use these affiliate links, then please feel free to google products in another window. Posts with affiliate links are disclosed at the bottom of each page.

All photographs are property of the author unless otherwise stated, no part of this site can be reproduced without the authors consent. Brands who would like to use quotes or photographs from my reviews, please contact me before doing so. You can use my images only when linking back to this site. Content on this site is for informational purposes only. This site does not provide medical advice, always seek help from a qualified medical professional if you need it.

If you are a reader with a question or post request, do get in touch, I love to hear from you!